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Our Pearls

At Wyger & Co Jewelry, cultured pearls are our specialty. We source only quality cultured pearls from Japan for our high-end necklaces to freshwater pearls from China, one of the world’s largest markets for freshwater pearls.

All of our pearl necklaces are hand crafted here in the USA and made on demand for our clients. When you order a pearl necklace from us, you are receiving only the best products in the industry. 

Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls have long held the traditional view of a pearl necklace in the West. They have been cultured in Japan for many decades before World War II, after which many GIs picked up strands of these pearls for their mother or special someone back home. Thus the pearl necklaces of the 1940s and 50s were mostly Akoyas from Japan.


Our Akoya Pearls

Known as the Kumiko, we carry high luster and well rounded Akoya pearl necklaces that are 100% genuine, directly from Japan. The mirror like appearance and natural silk threading are of exceptional quality. All pearl necklaces are assembled right here in the USA.

South Sea Pearls

South Sea pearls are cultured salt water pearls that produce white and golden-colored pearls. These highly sought after pearls are typically found featuring a mirror luster and near-perfect roundness.


Our South Sea Pearls

We carry genuine cultured South Sea pearls in varieties that include white, golden baroque, and both gold and champagne overtones pearls. These pearls are some of the finest in the industry and will not disappoint in performance for any style or taste.


Tahitian pearls are highly prized for their dark colors which are unique to any other pearls available. Typically farmed in areas such as Fiji and French Polynesia, our Tahitian pearls have amazing shape, color, and overtones which are suitable for any occasion or use.



Our Tahitian Pearls

Our Tahitian pearls offer clients darker colored pearls with an amazing finish and look. Our varieties includes overtones of green, copper-green, and blue.

Freshwater Pearls

Our freshwater cultured pearls are of exceptional quality and finish, perfect for those looking for an affordable necklace or earrings. These pearls feature a clean reflective finish and luster.



Our Freshwater Pearls

We offer freshwater pearls in both necklaces and bracelets. Check out our growing selection in our store today.

Wyger & Co Jewelry is dedicated to serving our clients with high quality rings, pendants, and earrings from our handcrafted collection of fine jewelry.

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